How To Manufacturer A Physical Product in 90 Days

Without Quitting Your 9-5

Go From Idea To Prototype In Just 90 Days

Can you give yourself 3 months to build your dream product? The one you keep talking about but never end up finishing.  

Ideas are cheap.  

Everyone has million dollar ideas, but many never finish the process that they start.  Don't let that be you.

I know that you have a busy life, but you owe it to yourself to invest in these self-paced digital courses to learn the fundamental skills needed to build a physical product.  I have 5 programs that you can choose from based on your needs and goals.  

It's time to start building! 

Meet Courtney Williamson, Ph.D.

I am an Inventor, CEO and Founder, TEDx speaker, and distributor of my medical device product, the Calibrace+ back brace.  I've attended a top ranked hardware accelerator program and obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in venture capital and government funding.  

A lot of my experience came from hard learned lessons and a ton of mistakes...mistakes that you don't have to make if you learn what I can teach you. Idea creation, sketches, prototypes, large-scale manufacturing. I've done it all.  I put my knowledge into an online course so that you can do exactly what I did: manifest your dream physical product. Cheers to the beginning of your journey as an inventor and as the owner of a manufactured product. 
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